Final Project Analysis


For our final project, we were given free reign to choose a project to, essentially, redo with something different. So I chose animation, attempting something slightly new, wanting to use After Effects and its puppet tool to create a simple animation. Something like its come out of a fighting game like some of the Street Fighter games.

I went through a few different versions of it; Both regular digital art and pixel art. The only reason I went with regular digital art was because it was taking me a while to get my head around animating pixel art with the puppet tool. It was either that or going into normal animation and drawing everything in separate frames like my original animation project. But I was determined to play with the puppet tool.

Every single part of the character was drawn with more under each other layer. The arms have every single joint drawn, same with the legs, the tail and ears are fully drawn so they can move without just clipping or disappearing into other layers. It only took a little bit longer than a normal drawing of the same character would have done without the separate layers.

The character design was based on my time playing Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve designed multiple characters in the game, so choosing one was easy, seeing as I adore the designs I can make in-game. Plus the races make it interesting to animate as well as them being my own designs. I almost wish I could create more of the animations.

The animation itself consisted of very little movements every few seconds or so, creating a smooth movement between the frames. Though I do wish I story boarded out more movements for her to make and maybe I should have worked with more traditional animation to make it look much better than it ended up looking.


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