Animation Analysis (Unit 4)


Animation was the project I was most looking forward to, having already got a background in art that I practice every day and I do have a wish to practice animation.

Though, I am definitely a amateur animator, so my final animation wasn’t exactly the best I could probably do, as it was a practice and I had limited time to finish it.

I didn’t even get to technically finish it, but i made sure the opening was complete before the project was over.


Story boarding was the easiest part, but I made sure to give it plenty of time so that I could keep a decent narrative going, or at least the start of one that I could work on if I had the extra time to do it. Sadly I never had the time to finish it, but I did enjoy creating it and do actually like what has come out of it, especially with the added sound effects that made it feel like an ACTUAL animation, rather than just a couple of doodles put together to make a minor movement.

Even just drawing it was fun, the storyboard doodles weren’t exactly my best work (I uploaded some of my good digital art to behance with this unit to show off what some of the best work, rather than just the slightly rough animation), I enjoyed the time drawing on a tablet in the classroom to create the story boards and general animation. But it felt like the animation process was weird.

Using After Effects, Photoshop and illustrator was the biggest challenge I had, as I expected to use Flash, which is a program I do want to learn to use, as most animators that I follow use it for most animations they create.


While I did have to get my head around the different programs, I still enjoyed it and made sure to keep trucking on whenever I got tired of drawing, determined to make something at least decent that didn’t just involve a bouncing ball. I really wanted to make something with a human being, even just the quick scene of a sigh I ended up with. Knowing that everyone else would be doing simple animations, I just wanted to do something that made me…different. Unique.

Finishing off; I enjoyed the project. I’m proud that this was the first proper animation that I made by hand. It may not be that impressive, but I’m impressed with myself and what I created. It’s simple and quick, but it’s a start, seeing as I do hope to expand on my animation skills. Maybe I’ll be a good animator one day!


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