The Challenges of working Collaboratively in Media (Unit 1)

Every issue with collaboration usually leads down to the people, rather than any technical issue.

Indecisive Decision Makers

This situation is common when there are several stakeholders involved, and not all stakeholders are on the same page. Indecisiveness may seem like a small challenge at first, but it can lead to unclear expectations and delayed deadlines – not to mention frustrated team members. 


When collaborating, there is always room for misinterpretation and miscommunication. Sometimes, mistakes aren’t even discovered until it’s too late. Without a clear understanding of what’s expected from stakeholders, energy is wasted and time is ticking. This can be caused by miscommunication or simply just missing communication. 

Too Many People

Sometimes having TOO MANY opinions and skill sets can ruin things, seeing as the feedback will be far too ranged and make it harder to pin down what could actually be wrong with the project. It could also cause more arguments in the project.


These are common phrases used by those poisonous people lurking around the office, AKA, “Negative Nancys.” There is usually at least one on every team and their pessimistic attitude spreads like wildfire. They complain about almost everything, and whenever there is a challenge or a disagreement, they will be the first ones to bring it up and the last ones to think of a solution. These individuals can bring down productivity and morale of a team, causing frustration and conflict.


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