Video Project Analysis (unit 7/9)


We were tasked with creating a video and sound project and I’ll admit, my anxiety got the best of me and I mixed two projects together, but I was proud of how they turned out as one project, as both the sound and video put together went well, and even the sound alone still felt like a whole project.

Finding a free website that Chris recommended, I pulled together footage of nature that I thought would be appropriate, finding matching sound files from more free websites, I enjoyed splicing it all together and creating something that could pass as a tourism advertisement.

The video was fairly easy to find, and I even had spare clips to use just in case I couldn’t find any sounds that fit alongside them. The sounds did cause a bit of issue, taking a while to find corresponding sounds, especially with specific clips having animals like cows, people walking, finding decent wind/breeze noises, etc.

At the end of it, I was happy with how it came out and how I edited the sound to match, mostly messing with the volume if I needed to. But I am proud of the end product!


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