Typography Project Analysis (Unit 8)


As Chris announced typography, I was genuinely quite excited to try it, though I’m not 100% pleased with how the end product came out, but I had fun learning other people’s techniques on creating kinetic typography videos.

For a while, I was conceptualizing what song/scene I would use, based off something that i enjoyed a lot, so i decided to do a video around Final fantasy XIV (14), a video game that I play most days.

Picking a song with lyrics was hard from a video game, but songs by the Primals (a band who create a lot of music for the game) always feature some form of lyric, so I found ‘Locus’ and designed around the themes that the song follows from the game.

Actually making the video was hard. I struggle slightly with timing and concentrating hard enough to find exact timings so that nothing messed up. There are a few times in the video where things go a bit wrong. Words fade into each other slightly, things blink a little too much and I’m not as happy with the end product as I’d like, but I enjoyed trying to make it.


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