Mobirise Website Analysis (Unit 5)


Creating a website with the Mobirise application was actually quite fun once I was left alone with it and free to learn however I wanted.

Left alone, we were tasked to create a website via mobirise for a form of gym. We were left to decide whatever theme we wanted based around that, and I went for a family fitness themed gym, as it’s something I probably knew better than the hardcore gyms that other people were creating.

I started out by creating a logo in illustrator to get used to the programme and before just randomly starting on the website, giving myself a place to start off.


The logo was probably my favourite part, but I am a simple person, so the joy of just playing in illustrator and creating something small and fun was a good way to introduce myself to the course and to some new programmes.

Starting from the logo helped, as I could design around it, going through different concepts for the design, even drawing some out on paper as I shuffled through some set themes and checking the different website settings, making sure pages worked and such before I put extras on and even before general designs got finished, just in case a page broke and I felt the need to get rid of it.

After all is said and done, I enjoyed making the website, especially the design areas, and while it was over fairly quickly, I enjoyed every moment of the project. Every little thing I did, ever little extra I added to make the site work better, I just enjoyed being able to play with the applications.


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