Final Project Analysis (Unit 6)

The beginning of the project, we had to use Mobirise which feels like a basic programe, especially in comparison to straight up html coding, so the first website based on a fictional fitness club felt pretty easy. Though, I still got used to it pretty quickly (I think, anyway).

Starting things off, I used photoshop to create a basic concept, mostly to describe what pages I would need to create to make the whole website with what templates we had, so it was definitely a basic design at first, as well as being a design I kind of assumed I wouldn’t be able to fully do. To my surprise, I at least had them done in my final photography website to fairly basic standards, as I’m still learning more about the coding.


Basic, but it worked with what I wanted out of a website for something so simple.

When it came to actually coding, it was a struggle at first to work out what part of the code would edit what part of the web page, so it was mostly trial and error at first, until I got the general hang of it and began to notice patterns that were in certain areas and certain words used at certain areas of the code, so I just began replacing code and seeing what would happen until I got it to react in the way I wanted it to.

It did take a while (though I finished all the pages first, but I think I also had a headstart because I already know my way around photoshop and Illustrator, so making mock-ups and concepts aren’t an issue for me), but I finally got to a point where it was finished and I could have given the project in if I so wished, but I stopped to add a few extras; like working extra pages on the gallery page and working links to websites based on the events pages and such. So, the finishing touches seemed to take up more time than anything else, seeing as it stopped being as basic as I thought it was when I got used to it all.


With an actual html code, I feel like the website looks better than what I originally intended with the concept.

Home Page

I wanted to give it a more simple look, but adding an extra with the FAQ and current events part, complete with images and such, it ended up looking a little better, while still being fairly simple and not adding far too much. So comparing it to the original idea, I do prefer the newer home page and it’s extra slider that gives people a different image to look at if they so wish.


The original about page had a layout I preferred, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to add the extra images, nevermind adding them in into a similar layout I had planned, so I had to scrap the idea and keep it to a VERY basic page that I’m not quite sure I like, but adding photos didn’t seem to ever work right and it would always go VERY wrong.


While I couldn’t add all the extra info and couldn’t find a place to add a schedule, the look of this events page compared to the original, which was BARLEY even planned, actually turned out pretty well, similar to the gallery page, but with links to the specific events pages (though the events exampled aren’t 100% correct, as some of them are old events). I only found a way to add the links by messing with a lot of the code until I found odd text that led to a page I wasn’t using, so I took a gamble and replaced it with a page already on the internet and, luckily, it seemed to work for me, so I’m pretty happy with how that turned out.

Gallery pages

I DEFINITELY prefer the current gallery page than the original concept, as seeing it fully complete on the page made me feel genuinely happy (thought I do notice there could be stuff I could add at some point, but it feels good seeing it as it is!). And it was quite a proud moment to figure out how to add extra photos and replace them (finding where to replace them was a journey…), but even prouder when I did the finishing touches and actually made the page counter work, essentially adding extra pages and adding different photos to them, even though they were essentially copied gallery pages.


Definitely basic, but it definitely looks better than the original concept. The two might be similar and definitely basic, but the one I’ve ended with actually looks professional and WORKS, which is the best part (or it would work if it actually became a website, where I would finally add the way for the comments to ACTUALLY reach my e-mail and such).

All in all, I’m actually quite proud  of how it turned out, so I’m happy to say this is my final website and hope I can do just as well!


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