Principles of Good Design (Unit 5)

A beautiful design is not a product of great imagination or a result of an idea. Rather, it is a product of carefully plotted design elements chosen to create a visual representation of the idea and the imagination.

Design is not about pictures placed together and arranged in a way that creates a story. Design is about creating harmony among the elements and having them come together in a final product that is unequivocally outstanding.

The elements of design refer to a set of particular guidelines for graphic designers or artists. Design elements are the basic unit of painting, design, drawing, or any other visual piece coming into existence.


  • Lines

The most basic design element is the line. With a simple drawing a line is regarded as just a mere stroke of a pen, but in the field or study of design, a line connects any two points. Lines are effectively used in separating or creating a space between other elements or to provide a central focus.
The direction, weight, and character of the line can convey different states of emotions and can evoke various reactions.


  • Colour

Color affects the mood of the visual design. Color represents different emotions and represents different personalities. The use of the color red, for example,  can incite anger, love, and passion or strong will. On the other hand, the color blue, creates a sense of peace, serenity, and security.

Color effectively contributes to the unity of a series of flyers and puts emphasis on the pertinent information that is conveyed by the other visual elements.pepsi

  • Shape

In design, shapes can be created when you are combining all other elements or they can  be combined to create icons or symbols for your design project.

Use shapes to add interest to your elements. Angular shapes indicate masculinity while velvety and curvy shapes like circles indicate femininity. Square shapes, elements, or designed items communicate  security, trustworthiness, and stability. On the other hand, circles are like eye candy: They are organic, complete, indestructible, and almost always communicate unity.2592d7bc696a30e2b58e6f5b27f49dd1

  • Texture

Texture is the perceived surface quality of a work of art. Texture is hard to identify in today’s visual applications, but for career graphic designers, texture is a fun and creative design element that can be experimented with to add realism to any project design. It makes any visual design unique and can increase the visual value of any given element.

Texture can be used to accent a particular area of the visual project so that it becomes more dominant than the other elements.featured-Image

  • Size and Scale

These elements go hand in hand. They are responsible for bringing balance, proportion, and contrast to every design.

Size refers to the actual dimensions of a particular element, while the scale is its relation to the original value, and proportion refers to the relation of all present elements to both size and scale.

Scale and proportion are used to indicate the exact size of an object or to emphasize the difference in size of two objects found on a particular visual presentation.Screen-Shot-2017-10-26-at-11.15.35

  • Direction

Direction is an element of design that establishes the general mood and atmosphere. It creates the illusion that there is movement within the design.

Visual direction refers to instances in which the content screams “look over here” through the use of horizontal and vertical lines.

Vertical lines establish an atmosphere of balance, alertness, and formality.

Horizontal lines communicate peace, stability, and tranquility.

Oblique lines, on the other hand, suggest movement and action.


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